Dawn & Aloy Wee 
Year 2020
Ken Lim taught my son in P5 and Daniel Kee taught him in P6 during the covid year 2020. Both are dedicated teachers, always ensuring that my son understood his work fully. Students are generally distracted during online lessons, but not at Azken. During online lessons, Mr Kee personally ensured that students kept their focus with questions and checks. Thank you, Mr Lim and Mr Kee!
Sophia Chua 
Year 2020
I would like to express a big thank you to Mr Lim for his effort in teaching my girl in both her Maths and Science subject, from a barely pass to a A and B for her both subjects. Hopping from a tuition centre to another, we finally found the ‘right’ one at Azken! Though Mr Lim can be rather a strict and stern teacher, but he is definitely one that full of humorous. Frankly speaking, my girl doesn’t like it at all, she dislike tuition and doesn’t appreciate a strict teacher but inside her heart she knows that’s what she needs! Her friends ask her where she went for her tuition and if it good. Without second thoughts she will recommend Azken. She sings high praise of the centre and Mr Ken though in front of her mother she put a black face about having to go for tuition ! What a adorable girl haha
Beverly Low 
Year 2020
I have been Mr Lim’s student since primary 4 and took my O levels in 2020. I obtained A1 for both A and E math. Throughout the years, Mr Lim made me more confident in my abilities and helped me improved my problem solving skills. Mr Lim’s firm nature help me to take my work seriously and allowed me do well in my studies. Mr Lim goes the extra mile to give me extra lessons and would not hesitate to help me anytime I needed it. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Mr Lim for all that he has done for me.
Year 2020
An accommodating, focused environment that helped me improve my English and Social Studies skills greatly. With Ms Pie’s help, I aced my GCE “O” levels, defying all earlier expectations.
Ian Pong 
Year 2020
Our son, Ian has been with Mr Ken Lim since primary school. He scored a A for his Math in his PSLE. Ian went back to him after a short break from Sec 2 onwards till Sec 4 this year where he has to sat his GCE'O level. It was quite a challenging year last year due to Covid. It didn't take him very long to quickly move the students to online learning. Our son scored 2 As for both his E and A Math. Ken Lim has been very passionate in this teaching throughout these years. I strongly recommend students who need help can consider to engage him.
Yu Xuan 
P6 2020
Thank you Mr Lim for teaching Yu Xuan Math and Science. Math is not her favourite subject but you have kept her engaged. Your patience has helped her understand and perform during her exams. Thank you for making adjustments so quickly and ensure that the children are still getting the most out of the classes during this pandemic. I am truly grateful for your care and support towards Yu Xuan and she looks forward to continue classes with you next year!
year 2020
Here, I would like to thank you Mr Lim for my daughter results from failing of EMath and AMath beginning of the year 2020. So my girl joined him in March 2020. Mr Lim never gave up and continuing helping her with more lessons to pick up her weakness. We were so grateful that she scored A2 for E math and B3 for A Math. Yet she still entered to her preferred JC.
Jing Qian 
Year 2020
As the saying goes, "The best view comes after the hardest climb". Jing Qian received her O level results yesterday and with it closes a chapter of her growing up years. Reflecting on her journey through secondary school and especially Sec 4 with a pandemic crisis, we are very grateful to Mr Kee and Ms Pei for helping Jing Qian with her O-levels hurdle, especially with the final push before the exams for A/E Maths, Social Studies and English. Truly appreciate the dedication from AZKEN in helping their students succeed by going the extra mile.
Flavian Ho  
Year 2020
Mr Lim made sure I received the help and support I needed, through the supplementary classes that he offers to all his students who might lag behind in class. Mr Lim also rewards his students with gifts and also offers to drive them home, had it been late. Evidently, AZKEN is a wholesome learning environment for all. Thanks to Mr Lim's guidance, I saw myself, and the students around me greatly improve over time. Thanks Mr Lim!
Caitlyn Toh 
Sec 3 Math 2020
I joined AZKEN on term 4 of my P3 all the way to P6. Initially I thought Mr Lim was a very strict and fierce teacher, but eventually found him to be fun, although still strict. He helped built a strong foundation for my science which benefitted me a lot now that I'm in Secondary school. He's a very dedicated teacher who always challenged us to pushed ourselves to our limit. He's always ready to answer any questions or give that extra coaching for topics that I was weak in. I always appreciate this extra help and over time it built my confidence in the subject.

In Secondary school, when I was struggling with my favourite subject Maths, I decided to return to Mr Lim's class at AZKEN. The reason that I decided to join Mr Lim's class is that he's a very engaging with his students during class, and he's always willing to go the extra miles to help his students. Under Mr Lim's tutoring, I achieved great improvement in my A Maths results in Sec 3. He is also always ready with advice about studies, schools, and life and he'd always encourage us to do well in our studies (as luck will not always be on our side)

I'm truly grateful for his guidance and nurturing me to be not only a better student, but a better person. I would like to give a big shout out to him - THANK YOU Mr Lim
Will Leong 
Sec 4 2020
I joined Mr Lim's A&E Math class last year a month before my end of year examinations (EOYs). With little foundation in AMath then, Mr Lim provided with supplementary lessons on top of the weekly ones I had with him, to go through the basics of the subject at no additional costs. After my EOYs, he went the extra mile and revised with me all the sec 3 topics taught that year. During test and exam periods, he prepares us thoroughly by giving us ample exercises and timed practices to ensure that we are ready for the assessment. In addition, he forks out time to go through topical revision individually with the students based on the topics they are weaker in. He may be stern, but his teaching method is effective. He even cracks a few jokes during late-night lessons to keep the students going. With his help, my grades have improved tremendously since the time I joined him last year. (from an E8 to A1 in AMath and A2 to A1 in EMath) As long as the students are willing to improve, Mr Lim will do his best help them. Highly recommend!
Jessy Opeh 
Sec1 2020
I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Lim who has help my daughter excel in her maths, she was just an average NA maths student when she first joined AZKEN but within a year she has been promoted to express maths. It was really amazing to see so much improvement in her.
chan sin tay 
P6 2020
I am thankful for Mr Lim for helping me to get A*s for my PSLE. Prior to joining his class, I had been getting scores 70s to 80s. In addition to drilling us, he taught us techniques to reduce careless mistakes. From Adrian
Yap Patrick 
P6 2020
The centre's communication with parent is prompt and structured. Teachers are professional and go the extra miles to ensure the growth of the children. There are constant feedback on the progress of the kids and advices to parent to guide the children. My childrens are taught by Mr Ngo (Maths), Ms Michelle (English) and Mr Kee (Science).
Linda Lim 
P6 2020
Special thanks to Mr Ngo and Mr Kee for their patience and guidance provided to Dalton all these while. Appreciate their passion and effort in ensuring he is well prepared for his PSLE exam. Thank you!
Online class experience
"Very well prepared teacher  virtual classrooms by Mr Lim is well planned and well organised like the normal class based lesson. Save timing for travelling = more time for my kid to rest. Highly recommended.... "

"So far my boy has been enjoying and it’s also saving him on the traveling time."

"Virtual classroom or physical classroom, I know I can count on Mr Lim to organise, plan & deliver his classes effectively and with quality. Thank you for all your help, effort and dedication!"

Yes, virtual classroom is doable. My daughter experience so far is that online learning is no much different from physical classroom.
Claryce Tan 
2019 Sec 4 Social Study
“ Both Mr Lim and Ms Pei’s lessons were an integral part of my Sec 4 journey. They were incredibly patient and understanding, guiding us through trying times and teaching us tips for the exams. With their help I was able to achieve an Distinction for my Social Studies, both AMath and EMath. Thank you for all the guidance and support teachers! ”
Marc Lim 
2019 P6 Sci
“Mr Lim is one of the most committed teachers I have come across in my son's 6 years of primary education. He puts his heart and soul into teaching the children, and my son thrived under his care.
He's definitely able to handle the students in a firm manner, so that they remain focused on what needs to be achieved.
In this day and age where teachers cower in fear at every single complaint, or held ransom by unreasonable parents, Mr Lim is a rare breed.
My son enjoyed his classes and was able to apply what he learnt in his exams. Keep up the good work Mr Lim!”

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