Ayden Chua 
Year 2024
Back in 2015, i joined Azken.At that moment, i had very little interest in Math and that caused my performance in the subject to be substandard.However, cause of Mr Lim's math lessons it ignited my passion for math and slowly my math grades improved.It is thanks to him and his scoldings that i was able to achieve A1 for emath and amath in Olevel. Besides teaching me math, Mr Lim gave me some life advices and ways to manage my time in secondary school. During my secondary school life, he would ask my class whether we needed extra notes, lessons or test papers.Mrs Lim, the receptionist would always encourage me during my Olevel year.There was once where he was holiday but yet he still made time to mark my extra test papers, he is a really caring and dedicated tutor.The best tutor i could have asked for.
Year 2024
If you want exemplary examination results, AZKEN is definitely a great choice, offering both consistent results and excellent value for money. Under nearly six years of tutelage under Mr Lim, my Math exam results have improved tremendously to distinction levels, and they have stayed this way ever since, achieving As in PSLE Maths, 'O' Levels E and AMath.
A comfortable learning environment, provision of essential learning materiel and a strict but thoughtful teacher. These are factors that allowed me the opportunity to learn and thrive, to become a better person, and most importantly, to get distinctions in examinations.
Toh Magdalene 
Year 2024
My son is with Mr Ken Lim since primary sch. Currently my son is in his sec education.
Mr Lim is a very responsible and he is Always there to assist the kids and always give extra lessons to help the kids.. we are blessed and grateful to have such a good tutor. Thanks alot..

Just to update, my son got A1 for both his maths for “O” level under Mr Lim’s guidance!
Without Mr Lim’s patience, extra classes given to him, i dont think my son could go so far!!
Thanks alot Mr Lim!!
Year 2024
I joined AzKen mid way through 2018 when I was Primary 5. I joined AzKen because Learning Lab really was not helping at all and needed someone who could really salvage my Math and Science subjects. I ended up getting A for Science and B for Math. Mr Lim’s hard work and dedication continued as I went to Secondary school and my Math definitely prospered as in Secondary 1 I got a 84%, Secondary 2 got a 92%, Secondary 3 got 88% and after collecting my IGCSE results for Additional Mathematics, I got a 93% and Elementary Mathematics I got a 95%. Mr Lim can really work wonders with his unorthodox and rigorous approach to teaching. If you can handle his strict ways and frankness, you definitely will make sure you work hard and bring back results. I highly recommend Mr Lim if you want good grades.
Year 2024
I joined Mr Ken Lim's class in late 2015, a student with weak math foundation, scoring 60s in my primary 2 school exam. Mr Lim allowed me to clearly learn math concepts and methods. While I certainly feared him and his lessons at the start, I soon learnt how fun Math could be, and attribute my love for Math to Mr Lim. I continued to greatly improve in my mathematics capabilities, and Mr Lim also helped in making me a better person by ensuring that I had the right attitude and not being overly confident. He gave us countless practices and extra lessons to help each individual in the class master his craft and do questions with extreme efficiency. Many of these things thought to us eventually translated to a smoother experience for PSLE and O level. Eventually, after countless hours of learning and practice, I finally managed to get A1 for both Maths in O levels. Be it conceptual mistakes, time management issues or even struggling with reasons to study, Mr Lim will find a way to help you. Mr Lim continues to inspire me with the care and concern that is poured to every individual, and any child who learns from him, not only excel in their accademics but find a role model that they can look up to and find inspiration.
Wendy Chiam 
Year 2024
Thank you, Ken and team at Azken for the exciting 8 years learning journey Dennis had with you. You have seen him learn and grow from a young 9 year old boy to a self-disciplined teenager now. And, from amazing PSLE results to a starling GCE O Level results, we are really proud of him. This is made possible with the teachings and dedications of everyone along his learning journey. We know we had made the right choice in sending Dennis to Azken and we are truly thankful to Ken and the amazing Team.
Jin Yee 
Year 2024
it was definitely a learning experience and i have definitely learnt a lot throughout the years i have been with mr lim. it was definitely worth it.
Diana Lim 
Year 2024
My child found Mr Lim to be a methodical, thorough, serious and sometimes humorous kind of person. The day before PSLE, he was also inspiring at the end of the extra lesson conducted where he played a song and gave advise for the next day's exam.
Thank you Mr Lim, your guidance and support given has helped him achieve good results.
Ashton Moi 
Year 2023
Mr Lim is a very compassionate and determined tutor. My experience with him was amazing.he may seem fierce but he is just looking out for our grades. Amazing tutor and would recommend to anyone struggling in science and or math
Lea Nyam 
Year 2023
My child began her journey with AZKEN only 2 months before her P5 year end exams..but Mr Lim is very committed and willing to take her in with such short notice. He took extra effort to give her extra lessons to make up whichever topics she is lacking of. Knowing that my child’s foundation for Science is weak , he drew up fixed schedule and “customise’ some learning methods for her. We were glad that she had fared fairly acceptable grades.
Gwen Lim 
Year 2023
I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Lim to anyone seeking a math tutor. His dedication, expertise, and ability to inspire make me is an invaluable asset. Thank you, Mr Lim, for his outstanding guidance. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my P5 math EYA results since I started working with Mr Lim. His encouragement and constructive feedback have inspired me to push my boundaries and achieve results I never thought possible. I genuinely look forward to our sessions, knowing that I am in capable hands. He may be stern and strict but he is there to support the students at all means for sure!
Chloe Teo 
Year 2023
Throughout my 1 year of going to AZKEN, my math has improved alot. Not only have my grades improved, but also my interest towards the subject. Now, I am able to learn more about the various topics in Math with greater interest and also thoroughly enjoying the learning process!
Yan Zhi 
Year 2023
Mr Lim has helped me a lot in A-math by ensuring that I’ve understood concepts in lessons as well as providing extra lessons when he realised that I was weak in certain topics. Having joined AKZEN for a few months now, I’m glad to see improvement in my A-math grades and I would definitely like to thank Mr Lim for his support.
Bee Ling Goh 
Year 2023
After seeing how Ken works with my son, I know I have to send my younger one to him too. Ken is very dedicated to helping the students excel. During stressful times, he will have extra coaching to guide them on the answering technique. He is a firm teacher and he means business. But his heart is all for the kids and I am so so so thankful that he’s teaching my kids!
Caryn L 
Year 2023
My child joined AZKen's P5 Maths class for 3 months from August 2023 right before his SA2. He is very thankful to have the concepts taught by Mr Lim and he applied it during his exams in particularly there are questions he only know how to solve it using the concepts taught by Mr Lim a day before!

Now, we are signing him up for Science class to prepare him for PSLE. Overall, my child enjoys going to lessons and Mr Lim is very dedicated!

Thank you, AZKen!
Ann Quek 
Year 2023
Mr Ken's teaching methods works for my child. She has improved a lot.
Year 2023
Mr Lim is very committed to teaching his students to the best of his ability. He is firm but humorous at times, and sets achievable goals for his students as well.
My two girls attend his Science lessons around June 2022 and has great improvement. At the recent P6 Prelim, my older girl scored AL3, this is a big improvement from AL5.
Thank you Mr Lim for your hard work. My girls have benefited from you.
Seng Yew Moi 
Year 2023
All my 3 kids went for science tuition for P6 at AZKEN. Mr Lim is a dedicated teacher. All 3 improved in exam scores after learning techniques on how to answer and reduce careless mistakes.

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