Yu Shi Kum 
Year 2023
Zac has showed improvement in his results progressively. He enjoys and find the lessons useful. Highly recommended
Yin Hui 
Year 2023
Mr Lim is a very responsible teacher, sometimes my daughter misses class, he always tries his best to makeup the class and my daughter’s exams result got better. Thank you so much
ryka solomon 
Year 2023
Mr Lim explains things well and makes sure all the students understand before he moves on, because of his classes my grade in math went from B3 to A1 and my confidence in math has increased
CS Yam 
Year 2023
My child began receiving instruction from Mr. Ken Lim in Mathematics and Science back in 2021. I have been particularly impressed by Mr. Lim's combination of firmness and compassion when dealing with his students. More than a subject tutor, Mr. Lim takes a keen interest in the holistic development of his charges, both academically and in terms of character. He maintains open lines of communication with parents and consistently goes the extra mile to provide additional support whenever it is required.
As a parent, I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Lim's proactive approach to nurturing my child's growth to its fullest potential. Over time, I have observed a marked improvement in my child's self-assuredness in his academic work, as well as a noticeable shift toward more independent learning. Encountering an educator as dedicated as Mr. Lim, someone who truly believes in each child's potential and actively guides them toward their goals, is a rare and invaluable experience.
Moreover, Mr. Lim's contributions extend well beyond academics. He has played an integral role in shaping my child's character development. His passion for his work and his commitment to his students' growth are evident in every aspect of his teaching. My son's journey under Mr. Lim's guidance has been transformational, and I am grateful for the positive influence he continues to exert.
Ang Hui Ping 
Year 2023
My child started attending AZKEN for 3months and there has been a marked improvement in her maths. She went from barely passing her WA1 to being able to ace her WA2. :) While I have not really seen how Mr Lim conducts his lesson, I really appreciate that he provides updates on my child's learning progress and do check in on the topics that the school will be testing on.
Rita Kok 
Year 2023
Mr Lim is a stern but dedicated teacher. He gives extra lessons to his students without charging extra fees. He taught my girl methods in solving maths questions and she managed to get 29/30 for her P5 weight assessment after joining his class since June this year. My girl has shown more confident in her P5 maths now. Thank you Mr Lim.
sandrah choo 
Year 2023
I would like to take this chance to express our gratitude towards Mr Kee from Azken for his wonderful guidance towards our daughter in her Mathematics. His attentive care and dedication in coaching our daughter has given her heaps of improvements in the subject. We are extremely delighted that scoring an "A1”in Math is now such a pleasant journey for her, she has become very confident with Mathematics now. Thank you very much for your great commitments in tutoring our daughter.
Adriana Wong 
Year 2023
My son’s results have improved by leaps and bounds. Mr Lim is a patient teacher who will make sure that the child understands the lessons before moving on. He is also generous in offering extra lessons to those who needs extra help.
Sujith Bhasi 
Year 2023
I appreciate Mr. Lim's effort so far, to help students better in their studies; especially the extra lessons he arrange for students.
Year 2023
Nat wanted to do better in his Maths. At that point of time, he was already taking English and Science with Azken. As he was enjoying the class, we went ahead to sign up for Maths class as well. Later part, we dropped English and Science. Even though his Maths results are so good now - A1, he still wants to continue with the class. He is able to understand the concept that Mr Lim teaches - his school teacher isnt as good. Mr Lim also gave him extra classes out of goodwill so as to prepare him for exam last Nov. I am glad my son is having fun while studying.

Mr Lim, thank you for the effort to help Nat with his Maths! Cheers
anna gu 
Year 2023
Mr Lim是一位非常负责任的老师,他了解每一位学生的学习进度并给予帮助,我的2个小孩在他的细心教导下,数学成绩都有了很大的进步!非常感谢!
Goh Joanna 
Year 2023
My eldest child had been taught by Mr Ken Lim since 2012. He puts in a lot of efforts to ensure she understand well. He has his own way to motivate his students to work hard and score well. All my 5 children scored A continuously under his aid. Thank you Mr Lim!
Jay Vince 
Year 2023
Eversince Joining Azken my child result has been improving. The teacher is committed and willing to provide extra lesson at no additional cost to ensure the child progress is there. Close communication is also one of the key area Azken teacher provide
Jess Poon 
Year 2023
We are grateful and happy with Mr Lim’s passion in teaching with extra miles and willingness to help my child to excel on her Math and build her confidence level. My child joined the class in March within short span of 2 months the mid-year assessment results shows improvement.

And that’s not all Mr Lim sets measurable target for my child and himself aiming for even better results before year end exam and of course preparing her for PSLE. Is hard to come by someone who has very strong will in helping students. Kudos to Mr Lim!
Merwin Ho 
Year 2023
I am very thankful that Mr Lim helped with my Math and Amath from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. Thanks to his attention, he could always remind me that I had been sidetracking. Thankfully, I was able to keep up and get better grades especially for my Amath from B4 to A1 in the O levels, I was also able to sustain a A1 for E Math till the O levels.

I am also happy that Ms Pei was able to help me for my humanities( SS and History). Her lessons are very interesting which helps us grasp the content and answering techniques for the subject. With her help, I was able to improve from F9 to A2 at the O levels.
Year 2023
Mr Lim is very thoughtful in his lessons and provides simple explanations for each topic, making it easy to understand. I have been able to score well for math after his lessons.
WKC Leong 
Year 2023
Mr Lim is a very dedicated and student-centred teacher. He provides frequent and regular feedback about our son Matt's progress and areas for improvement. During the exam season, he also offered additional lessons without cost. We did not expect this but we know he genuinely cared and wanted to do his best for our child (and the other children under his charge). We also appreciate the positive discipline he practises in his lessons as it has helped our child to stay on task and become more disciplined himself. Matt, who is moving to P4, has been under Mr Lim's care since late June and managed to achieve an AL1 for his Math EOY exam this year. We really want to thank Mr Lim for his firm but kind hand in guiding our child!
Year 2023
Mr Lim is a very dedicated tutor and constantly push his students to do their best. He gave constant feedback to parents on their progress throughout their learning journey and even provides extra classes when he feels the child is falling behind. With his guidance, Caylene was able to score AL1 for her Science. Thank you!

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